Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Miscellany

Monday Miscellany is for recounting my weekend (in totally non-chronological order) and whatever thoughts are swimming around that may not make for great standalone posts. Enjoy!

Last week, I started to find these little bumps (which I thought were bug bites) on my hands and feet (and a few on my arms/legs), and they were SUPER itchy. I figured I had just walked into a cloud of gnats or something (do gnats even bite?) and that they'd go away eventually. To make a long story slightly shorter, the itching didn't subside, the "bites" multiplied, and yesterday I went to Urgent Care. Found out that I have "dyshidrotic eczema" which is not contagious or dangerous (or, thankfully, permanent). But, as you can see if you click that link, it can get pretty ugly if you scratch at it and let it go untreated for too long. Yuck! I have to put a steroid cream on the affected areas, and the doctor gave me an itch relief prescription for the evenings so I won't scratch in my sleep. I'm hoping it will all clear up in a week or so. (PS: There are even bumps on the palms of my hands and bottoms of my feet! NOT FUN.)


Saturday I went to a baby shower up in Santa Ynez, at this gorgeous house with its own private lake. I did not prepare to be outside in the sun, though, so I got a gnarly burn on my shoulders/back and the tops of my legs. This does not mix well with an itchy body, FYI. But Joe's been slathering me with aloe which is a huge help.


Friday night we went to our friends' going away party which was really fun and a great way to say goodbye. I also talked with a few girls who, Lord willing, WON'T be moving out of state anytime soon. I've been so blessed by the group of girls I've been in a Bible study with this year, but all four of them are moving away! Caitlin is already gone, Lauren is leaving this weekend, Julie is moving sometime this summer, and Kindra is taking off this fall. So it's time to seek out a new group of Christian girls! Truthfully, I'm a little anxious about it, because it took me almost four years to finally develop a few deep friendships here. But I think I've come out of my shell and I feel a lot more comfortable introducing myself to people and, if I feel a connection (that sounds awkward but you know what I mean), saying, "We should be friends!"


Speaking of awesome girls -- Saturday night Joe and I went to karaoke (one of my favorite pastimes) and met up with an assortment of friends, including two girls from the small group we attended earlier this year, Amy and Kristen. They are basically the most adorable ladies ever, and it was so much fun singing and dancing with them! I always love it when I get to see friends discover how much fun karaoke is. Here's a pic Kristen took of us that night:


Exactly two months from today, Joe and I will be arriving in Scotland! I seriously CANNOT WAIT for this trip, you guys. I haven't been out of the country since 2008, and Joe hasn't been out of the country EVER. We're going with his parents, which I am also super excited about. AND John and Kelly are going to meet up with us for the last few days of the trip, so we'll have the whole Carnes clan there together for a bit. Get ready for a buttload of Instagram pics, people. (At least wherever we will have WiFi.)


Oh, and yesterday after Urgent Care, Joe and I checked out a little restaurant we've noticed and been meaning to try for ages: The Nugget! It was clean, cozy, friendly, and the food was really tasty! I had a grilled turkey, bacon and green chile sandwich with a side of THE BEST sweet potato fries ever, and Joe had a half rack of ribs with extra BBQ sauce. We'll definitely be going there again!


 How was your weekend?


  1. looks like a wonderful weekend tabitha! sorry about the eczema, hope it goes away soon. and i need to eat at the nugget i love sweet potato fries

    1. Yes! If you and Sean are ever in the SB area, we'll take you there! :)

  2. Story time! :-)

    I have dishydrosis, too. Fortunately, its recurrence is relatively infrequent and limited only to my hands. It first appeared in 1998, and has been recurring every few years since then. I blogged about it last year if you're interested in the details:

    In a nutshell: hydrogen peroxide works like a charm. Dries out the blisters really well!

    Now, when I wrote that post, I was in the beginning stages of another episode, so I wasn't sure how the course of events would turn out, trying to apply the H2O2 earlier on.

    As it turns out, even though the blisters persisted for several weeks, they were well-contained. Rather than spreading out all over both hands, they were 1) confined to one hand and 2) confined to only part of my palm on that hand.

    So, I highly recommend hydrogen peroxide to help dry out the blisters and hopefully speed up healing! Good luck!

  3. Ah I seriously had SO much fun with you on Saturday! We definitely need to do that again! Hopefully Creekside reunion on Wednesday? haha.

    Sorry to hear about the itchiness :( My neck has been on and off itchy for the past few weeks, and there's no marks or anything, but I'm thinking if it doesn't stop soon I'm going to have to look into it. No fun!

    Love ya girl!

  4. So sorry to hear about the eczema problem. I read the Wikipedia link you posted, and it doesn't sound like fun at all. Hope it's not as bad as those pictures. Glad you had some fun times during your weekend! Looking forward to next time we're together.


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