Tuesday, October 30, 2012

NaBloPoMo 2012: This is my JAM!

I've successfully participated in National Blog Posting Month ("NaBloPoMo") every November for the past three or four years. I have also, pretty much every time, fallen off the blogging bandwagon for like, the entire month of December (and sometimes much of January and February). Blogging every day for a month can be kinda draining!

I wasn't even thinking about doing it this year, mostly because 2012 has completely blindsided me and I still haven't quite grasped the fact that NOVEMBER IS THREE DAYS AWAY. But I am also kind of wary about it because I don't want to get burned out on blogging (again).

So here's what I've decided. I am going to participate in NaBloPoMo this year, but I'm not going to let it stress me out. And the way I plan on avoiding stress is this: if I don't have anything to say, I'll just post a picture. Ain't no rule in the NaBloPoMo handbook that says every post has to have words!

I'm also going to try to use the month of November to focus more on what fills me with joy. One way I plan on doing that is by finishing up my Scotland recaps. It's been almost two months since we got back, and I need to get the rest of those memories recorded now before I lose it all!


I just came up with THE best slogan for my joy theme: "This is my JAM!" AKA: Joy All Month!  

(If you are shaking your head and feeling embarrassed for me right now, you clearly don't know me. Newsflash: I AM A WEIRDO!)

We'll see where my JAM takes me, but I'm looking forward to a little challenge to help me keep the ball rolling on this new blog through the crazy holiday season!

If anyone else feels like joining NaBloPoMo, go here to sign up!

And if you want to focus your month of blogging on joy, too, feel free to join me! I'd love to know you're doing it so I can check out your joyful posts. Here's a little badge I made just for the occasion (and don't even act like it isn't cool that "JAM" kinda fits in with my whole grocery-store imagery for "Aisle Hi-Five" here, mmkay):

Click the image and you can copy/save the image to add to your own blog.
If you wouldn't mind linking back to me, that'd be great!


  1. Thrilled to learn you're participating again! Me too!

    1. Yay! So excited to "see" you every day! :)

  2. And, let me be the first to say...A picture is worth a thousand words, so your posts will be great whether they are a thousand actual words, a picture or even just a sentence. Looking forward to November!

  3. I love your theme! And I'll probably be doing something similar with the picture idea. I've been slacking so much lately, I can use this motivation to get back on track!

  4. I actually started dancing, like I was at a wedding reception and the electric slide came on. I saw your comment on Blogher badges and I had to come over and say hi! Good luck and I'll be following along.

    1. Awesome! Thanks for stopping by, Shanna!

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  6. I'm a very new blogger I recently started due to stopping smoking and that's primarily what my blog was supposed to be about but I reckon my path will change as I blog on. I'd never heard of NaBloPo so off I went to read about it and your blog caught my eye. I think it was your crazy title. :D So just to say I will be visiting you everyday now this month. We all need some joy in our life. So from one weirdo lady to another.
    Have fun and keep writing. I'm now off to look at your Scotland blogs to see what you thought of my beautiful country.


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