Wednesday, October 10, 2012

On productivity and domesticity (and how I don't suck at either).

I'm interrupting my Scotland recaps for a bit because...well, because I can! And I have other things in life to talk about besides my trip to Scotland, believe it or not. But I'll resume really soon, promise!


This weekend may have been my most productive EVER in the history of my life. And, even though I still didn't manage to get the condo completely clean, I felt like a domestic superhero. Let me just give you a snapshot of the things I got accomplished.

Friday, I...
  • went to Michaels to pick up the last two canvases for my gallery project.
  • went to a class at the gym.
  • made THREE recipes I'd never tried before, and one I'd made once with my mother-in-law (and all four of them did NOT suck).
  • took said dishes to a friend who had a baby recently.
Saturday, I...
  • went for a morning jog with a friend from karate.
  • went to another class at the gym.
  • finished painting and prepping all of my pieces for the gallery project.
  • arranged the gallery layout on my living room floor.
  • saw Looper with Joe (hey, productivity can also include fun things!).
and Sunday, I...
  • went to church.
  • saw Pitch Perfect with Amy.
  • ran a couple errands.
  • traced my gallery pieces onto wax paper and measured where the nail holes should go (thanks, Pinterest, for that idea!).
  • made a very Fall-ish dinner for Joe and me (and it didn't suck!).

When it comes to being a "domestic" wife, I tend to feel like I fall short in most every category. I don't cook often (and when I do, it's kind of a crapshoot whether it'll turn out edible). I absolutely SUCK at keeping my house clean and organized. I've done very little interior decorating to make our place look more homey. So it's nice when these magical weekends come along and make me feel a little better about my domestic ability.

And fortunately, Joe is never EVER the source of my feelings of domestic inadequacy. He's low-maintenance when it comes to food; he's perfectly happy eating cereal for dinner four nights a week. He is super patient with my lack of tidiness and we're working together on a schedule that will (Lord willing) help me get my act together. And he's given me (more or less) free reign to decorate the place however I want. And, when I get all mopey about this domestic stuff, he reassures me that I'm not a disappointment or a let-down in ANY way.

So my self-inflicted sense of wifely suckitude stems pretty entirely from observing other ladies and wishing it came as naturally to me as it seems to come to them. I say "seems" because probably a lot of the people I see achieving awesome domestic feats are working at it a lot harder than anyone on the outside may realize. Basically I need to quit comparing myself to others. But I also need to remind myself of these weekends when I'm on fire and realize that I AM awesome and I CAN cook and clean and decorate like a champ.

Stay tuned for a recipe/cooking recap post and a gallery wall reveal post in the next few days!

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  1. Good job! Sounds like you even had fun getting all that done.


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