Wednesday, November 14, 2012

JAM.14 - Currently...

Stealing this from Stephany!

I'm currently... 

Loving: Having a much tidier home. I'll have to share the chore list I finally got around to creating (inspired by Ashley's), but it has been such a huge help in keeping me accountable to put things away in a more timely manner, cleaning things on a schedule so it doesn't get overwhelming (or gross), etc. And I think Joe is a lot less stressed out at home lately, too.

Reading: Well, that's complicated. Technically I am in the middle of four (five?) books, but I'm mainly focused on a devotional book called Abide in Christ and just started reading a Nook book called All These Things I've Done which I think I bought for like $2.99 before our trip to Scotland. (I stocked up a lot of ebooks for that trip.) I needed an easy read. But I'm also slowly chugging along with The Brothers Karamazov. It's heavy, but I do enjoy it. I just can only take it in small chunks.

Watching: Parenthood. It's not the only show I watch, but it is definitely my favorite. I basically cry every single episode. It's just so great and heartfelt and funny and sweet and sad and brilliant!

Anticipating: Christmas! And Thanksgiving, too, but pretty much as soon as Halloween is over, my mind is in full-blown Christmas mode and all I want to do is drink peppermint hot chocolate and wear scarves and sing Christmas songs and write our yearly, cheesy Christmas poem. (Eek! I should really get started on that.)

Listening to: At this exact moment, I'm just listening to the sounds of both myself and Joe typing away on our computers.

Planning: Trying to figure out the logistics of our Thanksgiving weekend. We're spending it in the desert with my family, but waiting on a couple of things before we'll know if we can head down earlier next week than Wednesday night (I do NOT want to experience that awful traffic if I can help it)!

Working on: A really awesome crocheted blanket. I'm on my fourth color (alternating every two rows) and really loving how it's turning out so far. Don't be surprised if you see a plethora of progress photos on Instagram in the coming weeks.

Wishing: That I knew the Bible a LOT better so I can use it to navigate some of the tougher decisions and issues in life. But thankful for wise and caring friends who do know the Bible better than I do and have given some helpful advice.

Day fourteen of NaBloPoMo: check!

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