Thursday, November 15, 2012

JAM.15 - Praise House

There's been some heavy stuff going on today that I will want to write about soon, but for now (for the sake of sticking to this daily blogging thing), I want to quickly share about an old tape of worship songs I finally found during my crazy house-cleaning endeavor. It's from a band that eventually became All Together Separate, but was then called Praise House. I got this tape in 1996 (I was 11!) at a winter camp with my church, and its five songs really shaped a lot of my spiritual walk as a young teen.

I'm thankful for Helly who lent me her tape player, and for Joe who transferred the songs to mp3! It's so fun to get this blast from the past, but even more than that, these songs are still blessing me today.

I wanted to share one song in particular, but I couldn't find any trace of it online so I made it up (very quickly and simply, on my phone -- sorry the song gets cut off!) into a YouTube video.

This song was on my mind and heart from the first minute of the women's retreat back in October, and I am listening to it almost daily now because it's such a simple, beautiful reminder of what I'm learning lately.

Here are the lyrics:

"Abide in Me, and My love will abide in You forever..."

Apart from You, I am nothing
Apart from You, there is no peace
But in You I've found life
In You I've found love
In You I've found everything
And I hear You saying:

 "Abide in Me, and My love will abide in You forever..."

Day fifteen of NaBloPoMo: check!

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  1. Hope you'll play the Praise House songs while you're here visiting. I'd love to see if I recognize them from way back when.

    Excited to see you soon!
    Love, Mom


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