Saturday, November 17, 2012

JAM.17 - Fun friends

We went to a sushi place tonight for our friend Travis's 30th birthday. We had a semi-private room which we filled to the max (I think there were 20 of us?) and had the low tables where you sit on chairs with no legs (or just cushions). Everyone was very happy and loud and boisterous, and there were a LOT of sake bombs consumed (none by Joe and me, since we are heading to LA tonight).

It's great having a lot of different friends to do different fun things with, and even better when you get to meet more new people through other friends' circles. Tonight I made a new friend and potential karaoke recruit!

PS: Posts may be short and sweet for the next few days since they'll mostly be from my phone. We're going to Joe's parents' tonight and then to my parents' Sunday night through Thanksgiving, and then to Costa Mesa for our yearly Black Friday madness. Whee!

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