Thursday, January 17, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday (on Thursday): Week 3

Jan 16
0.8 lbs
Jan 9
2.2 lbs
Jan 2

Well, this is embarrassing, but not at all surprising to me. I may have worked out a lot more this past week, but I also ate TERRIBLY. My (really lame) excuse: I've been trying to get rid of all the junk/snack food that we accumulated over the holidays, and my method of doing so has been to eat large quantities at a time in order to get rid of it faster. Genius, right?

I also didn't use MyFitnessPal to track ANY meals this week, out of pure laziness. Clearly I need to get back on that wagon pronto, especially if I want to hit my goal of losing 5 pounds in January.

The good news is that on Monday, I went for my first real run in MONTHS, and it didn't suck! I decided to take it really slow (like barely a jog, honestly) and see how far I could run before my legs and/or lungs decided it was time to walk. I was anticipating I'd make it maybe half a mile, based on the terrible treadmill run I attempted a couple weeks ago. But I ran (at a slow 13-minute pace per mile) 2.1 miles and only stopped to walk because I came to a narrow place on the path where there were bikes and I had to move out of the way. I walked about half a mile, then turned around and ran two miles back, walking the remaining half mile to my car.

This gives me a great feeling about tackling the 10K in March, and I'm pretty sure I will also be running the Super Bowl 4-Miler on February 3rd. Woohoo!

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