Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday: Week 6

Feb 6
3.8 lbs
Jan 30
2.6 lbs
Jan 23
1.8 lbs
Jan 16
0.8 lbs
Jan 9
2.2 lbs
Jan 2

Last week I jinxed myself by saying I would surely see a significantly bigger loss on the scale this week since I was on my period and bloated and yada yada. And I'm not saying that 1.2 pounds isn't significant, but I know it should've been better. Because last Friday I burned like 900 calories before 7 AM, and Saturday I went to two separate classes at the gym and burned another 1,000 calories, and I've been pushing myself physically to the max lately, so I should be seeing amazing results on the scale.

Except I can't seem to get my eating habits under control. Despite the huge amounts of calories burned on those days, I still managed to out-eat my calorie maximum pretty much every day. Ugh.

I've been better these last couple of days, probably because in the back of my mind I knew I didn't want to have an embarrassing gain on the scale for today's post. So I'm really happy, all things considered, with a 1.2 pound loss. But the past week has been a big wake-up call to remind me that I don't have it all figured out yet. I'm still struggling to find the balance.

I'm EXTREMELY happy with the frequency and intensity of my exercise lately. I just need to work on training my body to realize that, after a hard workout, I don't need to eat everything in sight

Amazingly, I managed to attend a Super Bowl party and not pig out on All The Snacks. It probably helped that it was a party at a house where one of the roommates is a trainer, the other is training for a triathlon, and I was allergic to half of the snacks that were brought. (Nuts, hummus, raw veggies, etc.) But there were SunChips and burgers and sodas and beers, and I had one burger and one handful of SunChips and zero soda and...well, three Blue Moons, but I deserved those because I ran the 4-miler that morning, right?

And speaking of the race: I loved it! I'm glad I didn't go into it with a time goal because I would've been disappointed. My average pace was almost exactly 12 minutes per mile, but my first mile was 11 minutes and I just got slower from there. My legs and lungs felt fine, but my heart rate monitor was telling me to keep an easy pace. I think I need to start incorporating more runs into my weekly workout regime if I want to do even remotely better at the 10K than I did the first time I ran it (in 2011). I never really concern myself too much with my speed, since I am more interested in building up endurance to run longer more than faster. But it's always nice to be able to say, "I ran this race two years ago, and this year I shaved ten minutes off my time!" So, we'll see how that goes.

If this past week has taught me anything, it's that I am getting stronger (again) and I LOVE IT. And also, I like food too much. But you know, let's focus on the positive!


  1. You already know this, but I'll say it anyway. I'm the exacttt same way (after just eating three of your chocolates). Food is just soo good!

  2. perhaps you're working out too much? working out a lot always makes me hungrier. like 125 says, you lose weight in the kitchen, you get fit in the gym!
    Not that I know any better, i love food...that rule is so hard to follow! i still think you're making really good progress!

  3. Do you ever do sprints or speed work? I am amazed how just 20 minutes at the track focused on sprinting has improved my mile time averages. :)

    Keep up the good work! Losing weight is almost alllll about what you eat, sadly, but the sexy strong comes from all that hard work sweating.


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