Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Tart: Redux

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about two dessert recipes I tried, one of which was a raspberry lime tart. Since then, I have made that tart three more times (with a graham cracker crust), and therefore consider myself an expert at it.

So last night I got to thinking, How could I change this one up? (I know, WHO AM I?) I decided to try two different variations, and fully expected at least one of them to be gag-worthy, because I still have not accepted that I might be a halfway decent cook/baker. But lo and behold, I have adapted a recipe for two variations that are both ridiculously tasty! Here's a couple cute recipe images you are welcome to download and try for yourself.

For this blueberry lemon version, I literally used ALL Trader Joe's ingredients (except maybe the butter and sugar). Namely, I tried TJ's cinnamon grahams for the crust, and honey Greek yogurt for the filling. The honey yogurt added a lot of sweetness (so I probably could've reduced the added sugar a bit) and therefore, the lemon flavor was much more subtle. I liked it!

Click to view full size; right-click and choose "Save Image" to print your own copy!

 For the strawberry margarita version, hoo boy! I am definitely a fan of this one, you guys. I actually think I may add more tequila and triple sec next time, except I don't know if that will make it too watery and less inclined to set. But I've got one in the freezer now to see how that works out; I'm betting it will be delightful. For this one, I used regular graham crackers, but I used salted butter (versus my usual unsalted choice). I figured, margaritas are best with a little salt, right? Right. Honestly, this wasn't super margarita-tasting; it just had a LOT of great, summery flavor to it -- more so than the original raspberry/lime version.

Click to view full size; right-click and choose "Save Image" to print your own copy!

So pretty, right?

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  1. Looks so yummy! I loved the original, so I hope someday I can taste one (or more) of these varieties.


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