Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fifteen Ways Joe and I Are Different

Inspired by PW, here are 15 ways Joe and I are different from each other.

  1. He likes to sleep in on our days off.
    I get up fairly early on our days off. (According to Joe, I hate sleep.)

  2. He drinks coffee, with lots of add-ins to make it taste NOT like coffee. (He prefers Starbucks.)
    I drink tea with milk and honey. (I prefer Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.)

  3. He believes dessert should have no nutritional value whatsoever. ("Fruit is not dessert!")
    I love desserts with fruit on/in them!

  4. He never dog-ears, highlights/underlines/writes in, or bends back the spine of a book.
    I do all of the above.

  5. He excels in math and computery stuff.
    I excel in English (and therefore feel justified in making up words like "computery").

  6. He loves sushi.
    I hate sushi with a fiery passion.

  7. He hates potatoes unless they are covered in ketchup (in which case he considers them merely a mode of transportation for the ketchup to get into his mouth).
    I love potatoes and almost never use ketchup.

  8. He keeps his email inbox organized and never has more than a few "unread" messages.
    My inbox is a hot mess. (No, seriously.)

  9. He farts really loudly, but usually they don't smell. (The same cannot be said of his "number twos.")
    I am queen of the SBD.

  10. He loves cold, fog, rain, and wind.
    I would rather fry in 105 degree heat.

  11. He drinks single malt whiskey.
    I drink wine, tequila, rum, beer...and single malt whiskey.

  12. He doesn't like Mexican food. (Well, mainly he doesn't like beans and rice, which come with just about anything you order at a Mexican restaurant.)
    I love Mexican food. (And beans and rice.)

  13. He grew up in a Foursquare church.
    I grew up Baptist, and later non-denominational.

  14. He hates hiking (unless we're in Scotland).
    I love hiking (especially in Scotland).

  15. He has never had a protective case for a cell phone, and has never dropped one or cracked the screen.
    I have ALWAYS had protective cases for my phones, because I drop them all the time. I've still managed to crack two screens.

And despite all these differences, we are still the best match for each other. We're better together than apart, and we have plenty of similarities, too. Life is way more interesting and exciting when you get to spend it with someone so different from yourself!


  1. 9 and 12 must be related... ;-)

    I'm with Joe on the coffee, though. I rarely drink it, but when I do, I often get asked "would you like some coffee with your sugar?" ;-P

    As for Allan and me-- I've found that our differences are complementary. I don't like raw onions, but he loves them, so I pick them out of my food and give them to him. I hate dusting/sweeping (which he likes), and he hates scrubbing toilets/tubs (which I like), so guess how the household chores are divided ;-)

  2. This post is so sweet :) Love both of you!

  3. Fun list! I even learned a few things about you two.


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