Thursday, September 18, 2014

Coming soon...

Because I refuse to acknowledge the little voice in my head that keeps saying, "Face it, you're not really much of a blogger anymore," I am signing up again for the Nester's Write 31 Days challenge.  Last year I tried it, and I failed about halfway through.  And since then I've written LESS THAN TEN posts.  Seriously, not even a post a month average?!

Clearly, I need a little kick in the pants.  And I think I know why I failed last year: I made it too complicated.  My topic was too specific, yet also too vague, if that even makes sense.  (It doesn't, which is why I had such a hard time sticking it out.) 

So this year I've picked a topic that I think I can run with, and I think you might even enjoy reading every single post!  I have a plan, but I also have some wiggle room.  I have well over 31 post ideas already written down, so it will just be a matter of hunkering down and cranking out some simple little thoughts each day.

AND I'm thinking about it TWO WHOLE WEEKS before this thing even starts!  Which means I can actually pre-write some stuff for the days that I know I'll be way too busy to blog.  WHO AM I?!

I mean...don't hold your breath or anything.  But I'm gonna try!

Stay tuned, friends.  It begins October 1st.

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