Friday, January 30, 2015

2015 Fit Goals - January update

In my last post, I mentioned that I was going to try to run 60 miles in January.


Tomorrow is the last day of January, and unless I somehow decided to run 33 miles in the next day and a half (uh, no.), I will not be meeting that goal.  Still, I realized a couple weeks into the month that my 60 mile goal was rather ridiculous, considering it would have meant running an average of 2 miles a day (during a time of year when it gets dark at 5 PM and I am not in a good early-morning-workout habit)

Add to that the fact that I hadn't run AT ALL (like, not one single time) since last September, and I basically set myself up to fail this goal, because ramping up from zero running to ALL THE RUNNING will inevitably take its toll on a person's body.  (Especially a person who is days away from the dreaded 3-0, but I digress.) 

So sure enough, mid-way through the month, my right foot started to hurt in an ominous way, and although I was so tempted to "power through" and ignore it in the hopes of hitting that 60-mile mark, I was smart enough to take it easy and give my foot a rest.  Fortunately, it seems I avoided a real injury, and I've still been running a couple times a week after taking a few days off -- but very cautiously and always paying extra attention to any potential pains beyond the usual soreness.

All that to say, tomorrow morning I'll run some distance (at least 3 miles), and I will have run about 30 miles in January rather than the planned 60. 

And I am completely okay with that!  That's 30 more miles than I had run in the previous 6 months combined, so it's a great accomplishment in my book. I'm hoping to keep up with running once or twice a week, because I do have some 10Ks (and maybe even a 15K) in mind to sign up for this year.

Plus, I never EVER get tired of seeing this kind of stuff on my beach runs:

But February will bring on a new monthly fitness goal to focus on, and I'm actually pretty excited about this one!  Joe is gonna do it with me, so hopefully we can help motivate each other to stick it out. 

Our plan for February is to work our way up to being able to do 50 push-ups!  I found a 30-day push-up challenge on Pinterest, and I modified it to fit in 28 days (with rest days every third or fourth day).  And this plan keeps it more interesting by having 5 different types of push-ups, so we'll start out doing one or two of each type, and eventually be doing 10 of each type at the end of the month!

(And don't you worry -- I didn't forget that one of my Thirty before 30 goals is to be able to do 30 push-ups!  You can bet I'll be getting it on video when I reach that goal.)

Are you going after any fitness or health goals this year?  
Tell me about it!


  1. You haven't posted in awhile. Were you and Joe able to work on your push-up goal in February? Will you be giving us a report on your 30 before 30 goals? Look forward to celebrating with you in a little over a month! (How can it be possible that my little girl will be turning 30 soon?)

    1. Hi Mom! I'm about to post a little update, and your comment motivated me to do it! :-)


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