Friday, July 6, 2012

One week from today...

My braces are coming off!

I'm seriously so freaking excited about this! Here's a few pics of the journey...

Pre-braces: August 8, 2010 (Our first wedding anniversary!)
Aside from the silly face, you can see the crookedness on top and bottom.

Same day; here you can see the overbite
(and my eighth-grade throwback blue eyeshadow).

January 2011; spacers to prepare for the metal bands on my back molars.

February 11, 2011: Literally minutes after my braces were put on.
(I was faking this smile, in case you couldn't tell.)

Comparison photo. Top: May 2011; Bottom: January 2012. Major improvement!

May 2012: Almost done!
I'm so glad that the estimated time frame ended up being WAY overestimated. My orthodontist had given me a realistic window of 27 months, give or take three. That means my braces would have been coming off between February and August of 2013. Instead, it's been just over 17 months! WIN!

Stay tuned for the big reveal. We're going to a wedding the day after I get my braces off, so I'm excited to have a chance to dress up and smile big!


  1. So exciting! I love the progression photos, and wow, the difference is quite noticeable already! Now I want to go through my parents' stash of old photos and dig up before and after photos of myself. I had a MUCH more pronounced overbite at the start-- couldn't even smile with my lips closed!

  2. Great pictures. Can't wait to see your new smile in person next week!


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