Friday, August 30, 2013

Things I Learned In August

Oh, hello there.  Did you forget this blog even existed?  Cuz I kinda keep forgetting it, too.  I haven't written an actual post in two months!  Heck, I've only written about 30 posts this entire year.  That's like...less than a post a week, on average.

Anyway.  I'm here today!  And I've decided to link up with Emily of Chatting at the Sky for her monthly "What I Learned" series.  Here is a (rather long) list of things I learned in August; some of them are silly, some are serious, some are useful, some are completely pointless.  It's a smattering, really.  (And some of these items also serve as a haphazard update on my life!)

Things I Learned In August
  • I learned that there is such a thing as "violet liqueur" and it makes for a pretty, frothy, and delightful cocktail.

"Tequila Daisy" from Carthay Circle Lounge at CA Adventure!
(Joe's is some kind of fancy Manhattan.)
  • I learned that StitchFix is dangerous and amazing and clearly I need a personal shopper for the rest of my life.

Next Fix is coming in a couple weeks, and I'll do a better job
sharing ALL of the items and my thoughts on them!

  • I learned that Katy Perry's "Roar" and Sara Bareilles' "Brave" can be played simultaneously(The YouTube version of this video got taken down, AND Vimeo won't let me embed it here -- LAME.  So here's a screen cap sneak peek.)
  • I learned that telling my husband what I'm feeling/thinking, though often difficult or painful, is so worthwhile because it gives him some frame of reference for my Crazy.  (Go figure: things don't get resolved when my husband has no idea that I'm having issues because I haven't said anything about them.) 
  • I learned that I totally suck at spotting the sandwiches in Egyptian Ratscrew.  And also, I have slow reflexes in general.  (Click the image below to see an InstaVideo. I'm not actually playing in it, cuz I lost all my cards.)
A "sandwich" in Ratscrew is when the first and third most
recent cards are the same value (example: 4, K, 4 is a sandwich).

  • I learned that there is such a thing as a ONE DOLLAR BOOKSTORE.  Why is this not a part of my weekly routine?  (Oh: cuz Santa Barbara hates "cheap.")
  • I learned that sometimes Disneyland doesn't do such a great job at censoring their ride photos... (teehee)
I suppose we did the family in front of us a favor; we saved
them the temptation of spending money on a souvenir photo!

  • I learned that the gift of tongues is not dead or irrelevant, and that its primary purpose is as a private prayer language to GodHighly recommend watching the sermon by clicking the image below!   
  • I learned that certain medications can make your poop turn freakishly reddish and your pee smell like Cheerios.  (You're welcome for not including photographic evidence of this one.)
  • I (re)learned how to use an open source video editing program, and in the process learned a little bit more about patience and clicking the save button every three seconds to avoid losing work when the program inevitably bugs out.
  • I learned that you can use the drum of a washing machine as a bonfire pit.
My small group leaders are geniuses, basically.

  • I learned that Gmail's new tabbed-organization Inbox is not so pointless/annoying/unproductive after all.   (I still am nowhere NEAR being an organized or efficient email user.)

  • I learned that there is such a thing as Way Too Many Trader Joe's Powerberries.  (This is me with a terrible stomach ache the other night after I ate entire bag.)
" can something so delicious make me feel so yucky?"

  • I learned the words veracious (truthful; honest) and xerophilous (living or flourishing in a dry environment), along with some others, which I used to describe myself in this A to Z vlog:

  • I learned that shampooing carpets is Hard Work, especially when they haven't been deep-cleaned in like eight years.
So grateful that my brother-in-law let us borrow his awesome
shampooer, though!  Hooray for clean carpet.

  • I learned that it is possible to wakeboard in the desert…kinda (click photo to see the InstaVideo).  Wish I had been there in person to experience the ridiculous flash floods!
Stole this video from my friend Brittany.

  • I learned that my desire to have kids can actually be sinful when it becomes MORE important than obeying and trusting in Christ.
  • I learned that Miley Cyrus is a giraffe.  (Don't worry, that's all the commentary I will be making on this topic.)

Someone posted this on Facebook and I just about DIED laughing.

  • I learned that Santa Barbara's annual Fiesta week is actually quite enjoyable and not something I have to hide away from every year like I did the first five summers I lived here.  (Whoa, WHAT?!  This is my SIXTH SUMMER in Santa Barbara??  How is that even possible.I also learned that confetti is almost as hard to get rid of as glitter. 
Michelle, my soulmate neighbor, unknowingly ordered the
HUGEST cocktail on the menu at American Ale!

Confetti! It's hard to see, but that's what I'm excited about.
It's in my hair and all over my shirt (and all up in my bra).

Night-time walks on the beach after an amazing First Fiesta!

  • I learned that Google Plus Hangouts have fun features like facial hair and tiaras you can "wear" on the screen!
So silly, and so very entertaining.  (Try the "random" option!)

So there you have it.  Twenty things I learned in August!  Make sure you head over to Emily's post today to see the other folks linking up!