Saturday, October 4, 2014

Weekend Wonder: Sea Glass

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{Weekend Wonder is a little mini-series I'm doing within "31 Days," where I show you
a picture of something in Santa Barbara that I love, along with a short blurb about it.}

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Sometimes I go running (or walking) at Goleta Beach, and I always keep an eye out for smooth sea glass.  My friend Natalie makes gorgeous necklaces with it, and in fact made one for me out of the little blue piece in this photo.  I’m enjoying growing my sea glass collection – it feels a little bit altruistic every time I pick up a piece since it’s technically “litter,” and my jar of glass is a constant reminder to look for beauty in brokenness and imperfection.


  1. I collect sea glass too. I live on the Washington coast. We even have a secret glass collecting beach. LOL We keep hoping to find some Japanese trash. The sound seems to have protected us from getting much of the debris.

    1. Cool! I wonder if sea glass looks different in different areas, or if some colors/shapes are more prominent than others.


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