Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Woodstock's & McConnell's

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Like any good American (or really, any good human being), I love pizza and ice cream.  And while there are plenty of places to choose from in Santa Barbara, there’s definitely a front runner in my book for each of these essential foods.  

For pizza, Woodstock’s in Isla Vista (our little college town right next to UCSB) is hands down the best place in the area.  They have tons of different pizzas to choose from, and of course you can customize your own pizza, too.  We usually get pepperoni with roasted garlic (soooo much garlic!) or barbecue chicken, but the possibilities are endless.  

They also have this INSANE stuff called cinnabread, which is basically a dessert pizza smothered in cinnamon and icing.  Joe likes to tell people to take a sip of Dr. Pepper or some other super sweet beverage, then take a bite of cinnabread, then sip the drink again.  Because after a bite of cinnabread, nothing else tastes remotely sweet.  It’s gloriously indulgent (especially when you ask for extra icing and the thin crust option – less bread, more sugary goodness)!

(And I’m sorry, but if you are a Santa Barbara resident and you ever try to argue with me that Rusty’s Pizza is even remotely comparable to Woody’s, we might not be able to be friends anymore.  Rusty’s is only a tiny step above Little Caesar’s in quality and taste, in my very experienced pizza-eating opinion.  And that’s not saying much....)

As for ice cream, look no further than McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams (which recently expanded with a store in Los Angeles!).  This place has the most delicious ice cream I’ve ever had in my life.  My favorite flavor (currently not available because they’ve got some other awesome seasonal flavors) is dark chocolate orange.  But there’s also peppermint stick, which makes it feel like Christmas in my mouth all year round (the only way I'm allowed to experience Christmas anytime other than the month after Thanksgiving)!  And Sri Lankan cinnamon!  And salted caramel chip!  So many amazing options.  It’s just the best, you guys.

Oh, and did I mention they also make rockin’ ice cream sandwiches with fresh baked cookies?  This one was cinnamon ice cream with brown sugar graham cracker cookies, and it was lovely.

Wanna hear some excellent news?  One of these lovely places is offering up a little something for all of you!
Woodstock’s in Isla Vista will give you a FREE cinnabread or wildebread (wildebread is sorta like garlic bread but 1,000 times awesomer) with any large or extra-large pizza purchase.  Just print up the coupon below or show it on your mobile device!  This offer is good through the entire month of October.

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{Disclaimer: All opinions in this post are my own; I reached out to Woodstock's to see if they wanted to give my readers a deal, and they graciously agreed!}


  1. I'm no pizza connoisseur, so Rusty's, Woodstock's, Pizza Mizza, and Costco are all good in my book, but I cannot argue about the cinnamon pizza. I hate that they serve it on a platter with little raised bumps, because the icing ends up running into the crevices. I end up having to use my bare finger to scrape out every last bit, which isn't polite in public/company... not that it's stopped me before ;-)

    1. If you order it for delivery, it comes in a regular little pizza box and it's not too hard to scrape up the extra icing. ;-)

    2. And I could just order it to-go even if I'm eating in. Fantastic idea! :-)

  2. I love it that you've got deals to offer the locals. Makes me wish I lived close enough to give it a try. (My mouth is now watering.)

    1. Come visit before the end of the month! :-P


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